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We're Still Family...

Title:  We're Still Family

Characters: Sam, Dean, Alyssa, Bobby, Cass, Balthazar, Ben, Lisa, OC's

Pairings: Dean/Lisa, Alyssa/OC, Sam/Alyssa (later), Sam/Dean (implied underage)

Rating: G to NC17

Summary: Growing up for Sam and Dean was hard because they were always moving around. They tended to keep close to each other which raised up questions to others, especially those who noticed how close they are. Mostly it was teachers who were the most suspicious.

The boys have had a few run ins with CPS as kids. It's tough being a kid, but being the sons of a hunter is much worse and most of all lonely.

The Winchesters have been to hell and back, to heaven and back for the last five years. The have dealt with just about every single evil from simple ghost, vampires, werewolves to dealing with demons, angels and even a huge battle between heaven and hell. The last time Dean saw his brother was when he fell into hell along with their younger brother Adam. Caught between a sibling rivalry (Michael and Lucifer), Dean watched as the ground opened up and swallowed not just one of his brothers, but both of them.

Cass brings back Bobby and Dean keeps his promise to Sam by going back to Lisa and Ben.  Dean meets a girl who seems to spend her time with Lisa and Ben. She seems familiar to him, but little does he know that she is Alyssa (whom he hasn't seen since she was 10).

This is where the story begins. It's been a year since Sam's fall and now Dean lives with Lisa and Ben. Alyssa is treated like part of the family. All seems great until he appears.

Warnings: mild language, season 6 with flashbacks of 1-5, m/m, nc17, implied underage (misunderstood as child rape; someone sees Dean and Sam hugging and calls CPS)

Disclaimer: None of the following is true in any way, and no profit is made from this work of fiction.
Sam and Dean have always been close. When they are visiting their Uncle Bobby, they meet baby Alyssa. Her parents took her to him to keep her safe. Sam and Dean loved her the minute they saw her. Dean took the most care of her. They only got to see her when they visit Bobby, but they still cared for her.

Note: Parts in green; the past for Sam and Dean as kids; as well as Alyssa's past and back story.


"Yeah, Sid, I'll meet you there in a bit." Dean hangs up the phone and sits on the bed to put on his boots.

Lisa stands in the doorway and watches him. It's been a year since he appeared on her door step after saving the world. She knows he is still grieving the loss of his brother, but she's glad to see him trying to go on with his life.

"Heading out to meet Sid?" Lisa asked from her place at the door. Dean looked up and gave her a smile.

"Yeah. I won't be gone long. Just a guys night out." Dean shrugged as he finished lacing up his boots and grabbed his jacket. He gave Lisa a kiss as he headed down the hall. He passed by Ben's room and noticed the loud noises coming from it and decided to peek in.

He found Ben and Alyssa on the floor playing a game of scrabble. He stood and watched them.

"Ben, that is the dumbest thing ever." Alyssa shouted. "What's with the..." She didn't get to finish her thought because Ben interrupted her.

"I'm a guy. Deal with it." he scoffed, but when he looked at her word, his face went red. "Okay, okay. I'll stop. Just don't ever use that word again."

"Aww... what's the matter Benny, can't take what you dish out?" Alyssa teased him.

Dean chuckled and they both looked up.
"What are you two up to?" They both glared at each other before turning back to Dean. "Playing scrabble."

Alyssa rolled her eyes. "More like watching Ben cheat at Scrabble. You going out?"

Dean gave her a nod. "You two behave and try not to give your mom too much trouble. I'll be back later."

Dean left the room chuckling to himself as he heard Ben and Alyssa continue their argument. He left the house and made sure to lock up and headed to his truck.

"I can still hear his words in my head."

"You go find Lisa. You pray to god she's dumb enough to take you in, and you -- you have barbecues and go to football games. You go live some normal, apple-pie life, Dean. Promise me."

"I wish you were here, Sammy, sometimes it's so hard to keep going on, but I made you a promise. Doesn't mean I have to like it. I miss you so much, little brother, I really do."

We're Still Family...

I read so many stories about Sam/Dean. Most of the stories or practically all of them have Sam and Dean with other people only to end up with each other in the end or they start out with each other, but meet other people, Sam uses his psychic/ demonic powers to manipulate the situation so he ends up with Dean himself.

These two... as on the show are so co-dependent on each other it is unhealthy. I for once want to see a story where they actually end up with other people and are happy rather than stuck with each other. I mean they will always be brothers, doesn't mean they have to be lovers as well.

Yeah and I know, it's all about Sam/Dean slash and sacrificing their happiness for the sake of the greater good, but I want to see a story where they are actually happy with other people.

So... I'm going to write one myself.

I'm gonna use the new character I made in this story. I want the boys to have a happy ending, but not with each other. If you don't like it, well, don't read it.

Note... This story isn't just about sex. It's about dealing with many issues, the main one being those boys being dependent on each other as well as others.

I have a character named Alexia Hope Parker-Winchester- Halliwell. I know she has a long name, but it makes sense if you know the story, but anywho... I have her up til season 3. I'm gonna continue to write this character up until the end of season 5, but am not sure if I will bring back for season 6.

A little note on this character... she grew up with the boys and rode along with them. She has a romantic interest in both brothers which complicates things a lot and is always forced into choosing between the two.

I haven't decided if I should bring her into season 6 yet because of this issue and many other reasons.

This brings me to the new character. She is basically the same she did grow up with the brothers, but never hunted with them until season 6. She and Sam still have the same birthday and she still has a connection with them.

The differences are her name, background and the fact that she didn't lose her parents until later.

Alexia Hope PWH
Nicknames: Allie, Al, Shortie, Allie-bird, Sweetpea
Birthday: May, 2 1984
Parents: Alexander Michael Parker and Hope Alexis Parker-Halliwell
Parents job: Hunters; dad is a normal guy, mom is a witch/whitelighter

She was an only child who just like Sam and Dean lost her parents at birth, but was saved by her dad. Her parents were friends with the Winchesters. She grew up with Sam and Dean and John was a father figure for her. When Sam left for school, she went with him.
She's in love with both Sam and Dean and travels around with them. Her powers develop at different times.  She is connected mentally to Sam and physically to Dean.

New Character- Season 6

Name: Alyssa Catherine Parker-Halliwell
Birthday: May 2, 1989
Nicknames: Allie, Al, Allie-bird, Cat, Ally Cat, Parker, Mini Dean
Parents: Alexander Michael Parker, Hope Katherine Parker- Halliwell
Parents nicknames: Ally Cat
Parents job: Hunters; dad is a whitelighter, mom is witch/whitelighter

Just like my other character, Alyssa is an only child. Both of her parents gave her their powers to keep her safe, just like Sam, the yed came to her, but she was able to protect herself. Her parents decided to leave her with a family friend named Bobby Singer while they hunted. They met the Winchesters. Sam and Dean helped Bobby take care of Alyssa and three of them bonded together. Like Alexia, Alyssa is bonded to both of them in the same way, but it's a bit different. She loves them both, but in different ways, Dean is like her dad, but Sam is still her crush.

Dean taught her how to talk and walk. She left when she was 10, her parents died when she was 12, but she grew up with a life, never hunted until she met up with Dean after Sam came into the picture.

More coming soon... even some shocking news...

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I'd rather play sports than watch 'em. So no watching for me.

Who do I take after....

This is no surprise to me...

Sam and I are like twins.
I seriously wanted to punch him. I really did. Sam looked so broken and I felt it too. Why is it that Dean's the only one who can sacrifice himself?

"What do you think our job is?" Dean looks at us confused. "What?"

"You saved our lives over and over. You sacrifice everything for us. Don't you think we'd do the same for you. You're my big brother, Allie's lover."

"There's nothing we wouldn't do for you."
I added before Sam charmed in again.

"I don't care what it takes, we're gonna get you out of this. Guess we have to save your ass fo a change."

"And it's about time too. It's time for someone to look out for you now." Dean smirked at us as he pulled me into a hug. "Yeah."

We all turned wen Uncle B and Aunt El came to us. "Well, the yellow eyes demon may be dead, but a lot more got through that gate."

Dean asked how many got out and I counted at least 200 hundred.

"One hundred maybe two hundred. It's an army. He's unleashed and army."

Uncle Bobby poke up then. "Hope to hell you kids are ready. 'Cause the war has just begun."

We all looked at each other as Dean started to talk.
"Well then..." Sam and I turned to see this big grin on his face.

Dean opened up the trunk and put the colt in the back. He turned to Sam and I and said,
"We've got work to do."

We were all ready to leave, but there was a slight problem. Actually it was a big problem.

There's a small battle before the war. It was a family battle. The Winchesters V.S. The Halliwells.

Sam and I were just heading to the passengers side when a bright light came down. We all looked to see Wyatt, Chris, Patty and Phoebe.

"She belongs with her family." Grandpa Wyatt said. Dean slammed his door and stood up to him.

"No. We ARE her family. We've been taking care of her since she was a baby. we're her real family."

It was Chris turn to step up to the plate. "No, no, no, no. You have fulfilled you duties. She belongs to us. she is a Halliwell."

This time Sam let me go and stood next o Dean shaking his head. "She's a Winchester."

I watched as the two families continued to argue over me like I was property. I started t get upset.

"Enough!" I yelled. It was so loud tha the ground started to shake.

Everyone stopped.
"Don't I get a say in this? This isn't a custody battle. Okay, I am not four."

They all looked at me. "She's right."  And then came the staring. "So what's it gonna be, Allie? Us or them?" Sam said.

"I..." "It's okay, Parker, take your time." God. so much pressure. What am I gonna do?

"You gotta make a choice." "You can stay and fight an endless war or come live with us in San Francisco."

They were all waiting for me to answer. But how could I? How could I leave Sam and Dean?

I was torn between the family I've known forever and the family from my past.
"Should I stay, or should I go?"

I looked at them all. This is one of the toughest choices ever. "This can't be happening."

I have to make a choice, but which choice is the right one?

The demon is dead and the war is starting, but will I be able to fight? And now this...

Family against family. How the hell am I supposed to choose? I'm both a Winchester and a Halliwell.

"Okay, Allie, it's time to choose."

"Should I stay? Or should I go?"
After saying that, I reached out my hands and blew up two of the lesser demons. Calamia was the only one left.

"Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda,"

I started and then Grandpa Wyatt chimed in with...

 "Astrid, Helena, Laura, Grace,"

Chris came in next with us on...

"Halliwell witches stand strong beside us
Vanguish this evil from time and space."

As soon as we were done Calamia went up in flames and blew up.

When the smoke cleared, she was gone and everything was okay. My family came up to me.
"Who are they?"

I smiled.
"Well, I'd like you to meet my Grandpa. This is Wyatt and Chris. My mom's dad and uncle."

"Wyatt, Chris, this is my family. That's my big brother Sam, that's Dean, and my Aunt Ellen and Uncle Bobby."

I watched as they all greeted each other and then my Grandpa and Chris turned to me. "You are truly a Halliwell, Allie. Just like your mother."

I looked at him and smiled. "Really?" Chris smiled at me. "You remind me of my mom. Glad to see she lives on through you."

Chris gave me a hug and so did Grandpa Wyatt. "We'll be back, Parker, we have a special surprise for you."

With that said, they disappeared in an orb of lights. I looked back at the rest of my family.

"So, my girlfriend is part witch?" Dean chuckled. "Did you just call me your girlfriend, Dean?" "That I did." "Well, it's about time."

Sam and Dean chuckled. "Ouch, that cut. May I?" I raised my hand up to Dean's forehead. "What are you gonna do?"

I smiled. "This." I waved my hand over his injury and it disappeared. Like it was never there in the first place.

"You're a healer?" Sam dropped his jaw. I shrugged. "I guess so."

Dean held me close to him and smiled.
"You will certainly come in handy. Won't she, Sam?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "Only you'd take a sweet girl and use her to your own advantage."

"I was thinking of you too. Don't say I don't ever think of you."
I laughed.

"Okay, enough of thislove fest. Can we get out of here now?"

The boys nodded and we headed to the car. When we got there Sam turned to Dean. Oh boy.

"You know when Jake saw me, it was like he saw a ghost." Dean and I looked at him as Dean shut his door.

"You heard him, Dean, he said he killed me." "Well, I'm glad he was wrong."

Sam shook his head.
"I don't think that he's wrong, Dean. What happened after I was stabbed?"

Dean looked at Sam, but I stayed quiet. "I already told you." Sam gave him this look and then he turned to me. "Not everything."

Dean shook his head. "Sam, we just killed the demon. Can we celebrate for a min?"

Sam looked straight at Dean. "Did I die?" Dean turned away from him not believing Sam was making a big deal.

But it is a big deal.
"Did you sell your soul for me like dad did for you?" Dean really got angry that Sam was accusing him.

But just like me, Sam saw through it. I looked up at Sam as he turned to Dean with a stone cold look.
"Tell me the truth."

I looked at Dean and touched his shoulder. "Dean, tell him. He has a right to know." "Wait, you know?"

I looked at Sam and nodded.
"Don't. Okay, just don't put me in the middle again. Dean, tell him."

Sam and I both turned to Dean who was taking his time. Time that he has that's limited. "Sam..." He wasn't looking at either one of us  and it was scaring Sam. "How long do you get?"

Dean finally looks at Sam and says, "One year." I turned to Sam who nods and then chuckles. "I got on year."

Sam has tears in his eyes and shakes his head.
"You shouldn't have done that. How could you do that?"

Dean says the same thing he always says, ever since we were kids. "Don't get mad at me. Don't you do that. I had to. I had to look out for the both of you. That's my job".
I wasn't. I had a strange feeling something was about to happen. "Well, if it isn't the little Winchester brat."

I turned around and came face to face with... "Calamia. I don't believe it."

She just smirked at me. "Believe it, honey. We have some unfinished business."

"Allie, what's going on?" Sam asked me. "I have to take care of this, Sam."

"We'll help you." Dean said as he stepped in front of me. "You want her, you gotta go through me first, bitch."

"Fine." Calamia stared at Dean a flung him out of the way and then threw Sam too. "Still letting your big brothers fight your battles for ya, huh?"

I glared at her. How dare she. This is the last time. "No, I can fight my own battles, Callie. I'm so sick and tired of you and your family. You have ruined not only my life, but the people I care about and it ends tonight. Right here. Right now."

I stared her down. "Allie, be careful, sweetie." I looked over at Aunt Ellen and Uncle B.

It's like everything was at a stand still. We faced off. This was it. Moment of truth.

And I... I admit, I was scared. I mean this is the daughter of the demon we just killed.

I watched as she came toward me. And I had two options one was to take my family and run. But I couldn't do that.

I mean if Dean can take on the yellow eyed demon who ruined our family, I could do the same.

Calamia and I started to fight using our vey different powers. The only thing my family could do was watch as Calamia and I fought.

But Calamia had a trick up her sleeve. She wasn't fighting alone. And now I was surrounded by not just one demon, but three.

Oh, I'm in trouble. I watched as they all circled me. Eyeing me like vultures.

I know that Dean, Sam, Aunt Ellen and Uncle B wanted to help. But I needed to do this myself.

What could I do? It was now 3 to 1. I looked over at my family. I could hear their thoughts.

"You can do this, Allie." "We believe in you."
And then there was Dean. "Kick her ass, Allie-Bear."

Then I remembered. "I'm a Halliwell." I decided I needed help and I knew just who to call. I closed my eyes and used the "To Call A Lost Witch" spell.

"Powers of the witches rise,
course unseen across the skies,
come to me to call you near,
come to me and settle here."

I opened my eyes and saw not only were the demons looking at me, but so was my family.

"Awww, that was cute, Al, but a little witch spell isn't gonna save you."

Suddenly two bright orb lights appeared and then two men appeared. I looked up and smiled. "Grandpa."

Grandpa Wyatt and Chris smiled at me. "Need some help?" I nodded. The three of us held hands. "Ready?"

"Ready." We looked directly at Calamia.

"The Power of Three Will Set Us Free,
The Power of Three Will Set Us Free, The Power of Three Will Set Us Free."
Dad struggled for a while until the demon throw him off and went back into the body that lay on the ground.

The gun  fell at my feet. I looked at Dean and he nodded.
"Allie, gun!"

I waved my hand and the gun flew into Dean's hand just as the demon got back up.

The demon looked at Dean just as Dean shot him. The bullet pierced his heart and he frizzed like he was struck by lightening and he dropped dead.

I noticed his eyes weren't yellow anymore. Sam fell over and I ran over to him. "Sam."

Sam coughed, but he was okay and Uncle B and Aunt El finally got the gate to hell closed.

I helped Sam up as we turned to see dad. Aunt El and Uncle B turned around and noticed him as well.

Sam, Dean and I walked over to him and he smiled.
"Daddy?" He didn't say anything, but I know what he wanted to say.

"I am so proud of you all. I love you." I head tears in my eyes as I walked up and hugged him. He smiled before letting go and stepping back.

And just like that, he disappeared in a bright light.
"I love you, daddy."

The three of us stood over the dead demon and looked at him. Dean looked at sam and I and smirked. "Well, check that off the to do list."

I laughed.
"I never get tired of hearing your sarcasm." Dean smiled and gave me a kiss.

Sam smiled too.
"You did it." I smiled too. "Ya you did." "I didn't do it alone."

Sam and I looked at Dean before turning around.  "Dean, do you think, you think dad really climbed out of hell?"

Dean turned away and looked at the gate.
"Well, the door was opened."

He looked back at us. "If anyone is brave enough to do that... it'll be him."

"Where do you think he is now?" Sam asked. Dean gave us this look. He doesn't know, but I knew. "He's with mom."

I turned to see them both looking at me.
"Oh, Sam, dad wanted me to tell you something." Sam looked at me. "What is it?"

I walked around and hugged him. "Dad wanted me to tell you that- he... he loves you so much. And he's so proud of you."

Sam gave me a hug and smiled. "He did?" "Yeah, and Dean, he's so proud of you too. You're the sons a father can be proud of."

Sam couldn't believe this. Neither could I. "Dean, our whole lives, everything has been prepping for this. And now- I kind of don't know what to say."

We watched Dean as he turned to us. "I do." He knelt down next to the demon and said, "That was for our mom, you son of a bitch."

Dean got up and looked at Sam, but Sam was looking at me.
"Allie, are you okay?"

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